Vrbnik - The city on the Cliff

Vrbnik is definitely one of the most amazing cities on the island Krk. We highly recommend visiting this city while you are on your vacation on the island. You will be impressed by its architecture and old building style which is typical for this area. The city is settled on the cliff above the sea, and the view from it is breathtaking. If you wanna find the narrowest street in the world, you will find it here. The little narrow street Kalčić is a “must see” thing in the city.
While discovering this little city streets we also suggest coffee with the view in Konoba Nada.
Make sure to do a whole circle in the city, because that's the only way to see all the little hidden gems of Vrbnik. One thing that this city is known for is its special vine Vrbnička Žlahtina. Make sure you try this special vine while visiting this amazing place. One thing also must see is the little hidden beach under the city and its cliff. You can reach that beach easy by bike if you just follow the road down to the harbour. The thing is that everybody loves Vrbnik and it is definitely a place you will never forget.
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