Punat is a small town on the island which is known by its olive fields, beautiful beaches and monastery in the middle of the bay. The best thing about this little city is that it is surrounded with cycling paths and beautiful nature. Opposite of the city is the peninsula Prniba, covered with pine trees which is ideal for bike tours and swimming in the crystal blue water. If possible, we suggest to pay a visit to the monastery which is settled on the small island Košljun. You will be stunned by the beauty of the island, monastery, its olive fields and botanic garden. In the middle of the center is a small local town gallery TOŠ which will tell you about the history of the city. You can also try some local wines and liquors in the gallery.
In the Punat is also the biggest Marina for boats and yachts which is a very popular place for good food in its restaurants.
If you are a fan of the beautiful beaches , just go to the end of the Punat to the beach called Buka. It is a beach with a view, because you can see six islands from there.
The sea on this part of the island is warmer because its bay is very shallow.
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